Legal counselling and representation

In addition to providing standard legal counselling and representation, we also offer complex business solutions.



We provide a broad range of support to our clients with regard to contracts associated with their business activities…

Labor law

We offer comprehensive labor law support, which provides our clients with a stable legal framework through the entire lifecycle of the employment relationship…

Privacy law / data protection

Due to its growing value, data needs to be protected, whether it is a personal data or a business information...

Real estates

We deliver to our clients all types of contracts related to real estates (e.g. purchase and sale, rental or lease contracts)...


In the framework of our corporate law activities, we assist our clients with the incorporation of companies and further on with corporate formalities…

Civil society organizations

We help our clients with the registration and continuous legal support of foundations, associations and other civil society organisations….


DR. JUDIT NAGY LAW FIRM was established in 2009, in Hajdúböszörmény, Hungary. We have a branch office in Debrecen.

Our clients are predominantly small and medium-sized enterprises. In addition to providing our clients with legal counselling and representation in the traditional sense, we deliver solutions that are able to simultaneously cover the legal, fiscal and financial aspects of a particular legal transaction, taking into account the diversity and complexity of the issue at hand. We are aware of the operating mechanisms of this sector, have experienced its decision-making procedures, and therefore see clearly what challenges the owner or executive of an SME is facing nowdays.


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Our concept

An attorney represents the pen in the hand of the client. Our responsibility is to draft and then execute deeds that reflect the clients’ intentions, while ensuring legal compliance.

Even though challenges are analysed jointly, it is the client who sets the goal to be achieved. DR. JUDIT NAGY LAW FIRM maps the paths to reach this goal, and then makes clear suggestions. We offer solutions and opportunities to handle multifaceted legal situations characterised by conflicting interests, and help clients find a way through the legal maze.

In addition to enforcing the wishes and interests of the client, it is our responsibility to ensure legal compliance at the highest possible professional level during our common journey.

We are proud to state that DR. JUDIT NAGY LAW FIRM does not specialize on areas of law, rather we specialize on our clients. As a result of this specialization, we are able to add the value for our clients, which is reflected in the secure operation of their company or in the achievement of the much sought after competitive advantage.

We make our clients successful by ensuring the legal compliance of their entire operations.